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A Postcard From: Ally Navolio ’16


img_0625Name: Ally Navolio

Class Year: 2016

Internship Placement: I am interning at a PR firm called Falco Ink. During my time I will be learning about entertainment publicity within the film industry, helping with marketing research, film campaigns, press screenings, press junkets, and other events.

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This summer I am interning with a PR firm in New York City called Falco Ink. Falco has a focus on independent film, and as such their day-to-day activities are all in the service of getting and completing press for lower budget films. I, as an intern, am swept up in a whole slew of different projects and events that work to get these smaller—quite wonderful—films on the map. Even with my previous experience working with independent film festivals and programming, I had no real grasp of how important press relations are for these smaller films until I came to Falco.

Our offices are in Manhattan, which I love. On a normal day I catch the subway and head to our offices in midtown. While in the office I tend to do a lot of research for outlets, reporters, and venues that we can get in touch with about certain films. Much of the work I help with involves pitching to these different outlets, ultimately trying to “sell” a certain film to an outlet or writer in order to get a review or feature written about the film. These articles, features, releases, etc., are what we everyday people see and hopefully help get butts into the seats of a theater. Similarly, I’ve had to watch many of the films we have taken on, and then figure out something to pull from the film that could appeal to a certain audience or outlet. As well, once a film is about to be released we have to service the reviews, articles, etc., that come in. Basically that means logging the press material (ie: review in The New York Times) to show the producers of the film. A lot of scanning and emailing is involved, which I’ve done my fair share of.

James Kent and Kit Harington doing an AOL Build event for “Testament of Youth.”

James Kent and Kit Harington doing an AOL Build event for “Testament of Youth.”

I’ve done quite a bit outside of the office as well, in terms of events and screenings (some of them quite exciting). Falco organizes and runs a range of press events for their upcoming releases, many of which I have had the opportunity to work. While some are private advanced screenings for members of the press (allowing a writer to see the film early to give ample time for a long-lead article), others are much larger. Since I started in June I’ve worked two all-day press junkets, in which talent have come in to do press with multiple outlets. I’ve helped with checking in press, making sure actors/directors have what they need, and helping to run the floor. I’ve also worked audience-driven events and interviews, as well as a premiere red carpet and screening. Any slow time in the office is immediately made up for when I work these events – they are exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking (especially when one involves meeting an actor from one of my favorite tv shows of all time), and always super enlightening about this industry. I feel lucky that I not only have I had the opportunity to help out with these kind of events, but also observe my fellow coworkers in action. I believe wholeheartedly that I’ve gotten just as much, if not more, from merely observing all of the craziness around me.

So far the summer has been great, and I’m looking forward to my last few weeks!

The two Falco interns at the NY Premiere of “Unexpected.”

The two Falco interns at the NY Premiere of “Unexpected.”

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