Summer Internships 2015

Sun-soaked postcards from Bryn Mawr students

A Postcard From: Airen McClure ’16


img_0765Name: Airen McClure

Class Year: 2016

Pronouns: He/his/him

Internship Placement: This summer I am interning at GALAEI, a Queer Latin@ Social Justice Organization in Philadelphia. GALAEI has three main programs: HIV testing, a youth program, and the Trans-Health Information Project (TIP). While I have really enjoyed getting to work with all three programs, I have also gotten to do some more focused work with TIP. TIP is the only peer-based organization in the city for trans people and run entirely by trans people. TIP counselors specialize in sexual health and HIV risk reduction counseling, résumé and employment coaching, assistance with legal name and gender marker changes, access to safe hormones and trans affirming medical care, and trans sensitive housing/shelter referrals. The TIP counselors also work as advocates for the trans community with the Police Department and Prison System.


What’s going on? We’d love to hear how your internship is going!

Since GALAEI is small organization, I have had the amazing opportunity of trying my hand at many different things. I have been able to apply my background in fine arts by creating a banner with our new logo and designing buttons with phrases such as “Ask my pronouns” and “Queer is FABULOUS” to hand out at events. I have also gotten to expand my writing and communication skills by creating a pamphlet explaining TIP’s services and a newsletter detailing GALAEI’s recent events. On the more academic side of things, I have had the pleasure of researching Queer and Trans activists and writing short descriptions of their work. It’s been really fantastic to expand my knowledge of Queer history and the work that activists, especially Latina trans women, are doing now. Another major aspect of my work has been outreach, such as tabling as various events and making connections in the neighborhood. I have also really enjoyed working with the youth and participating in events with them, such the 20th Alternative Prom and the Annual Reminders Day reenactment. A very pleasant surprise this summer has been GALAEI’s adoption of an office cat. A little over a month ago a little orange kitten walked into our office and decided she was home. We named her Justice and she’s been part of the family ever since.



Why I applied for my internship:

After graduation I am hoping to work with an LGBTQ non-profit in Philadelphia so this internship is the perfect test run and learning opportunity. I have learned so much about the LGBTQ non-profit sector in Philadelphia and the types of work that are being done. I have also made invaluable connections to leaders in the Queer and Trans communities.


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